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MVD gets new scheduling system

Posted at 5:36 PM, Oct 25, 2022

HELENA — Montana State’s Motor Vehicle Division has received a bit of an update to its online scheduling system.

“And the new technology, the new scheduling system, is quick, easy, convenient, makes the process much quicker,” says MVD Administrator, Laurie Bakri.

The new system includes appointment scheduling options, automated appointment reminders, and online check-in.

It also eliminates passwords and logins for changing appointments.

These online improvements aim to improve the experience at the MVD and work toward clearing the backlog of appointments.

“Me personally, I think it offers a great benefit. Obviously, technology is evolving each and every day. I'm not saying that every single person has to keep up with it. I'm saying that there's more opportunities that benefit the customer,” says Office Manager at MVD, Cesar Gonzales.

Since the implementation of this new online system on October 11th, they’ve already seen a change. MVD says that calls to the MVD call center have been reduced by 30%. No-shows have decreased to less than 10% from an average rate of 30%.

Currently, the MVD has a significant backlog of appointments. For example, as of Tuesday, October 25th, the first available appointment in Helena isn’t until mid-January.

Bakri says that the MVD wants to implement another change in order to increase productivity and work at taking care of that backlog.

“The company that helped us with the scheduling also has a drivers system that works very, very well in 18 other states. And we're proposing that we implement that driving system into the appointment itself. Make that process much cleaner, faster, no errors, so that we could take more appointments in a day,” says Bakri.