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New fountain livens up Anaconda's Durston Park

Posted at 8:01 AM, Aug 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-08 12:49:23-04

ANACONDA— It took two years to plan and 11 days to construct the massive new fountain installation in Anaconda's Durston Park.

"We want to invest a little bit into the community and thought this was a perfect spot. The deer were already here so we wanted to reorganize it a bit and make it a nicer feature," said Joe Boyer, owner and operator of the Durston Park fountain.

Joe Boyer wanted to build upon an old art installation obscured by bushes in Durston Park into something grander to go along with Anaconda’s growth and renewal of the downtown area.

"I build all the designs in my mind, and I have such a good crew that once I give them directions, they understand where we’re going to go with it," said Boyer.

anaconda fountain.gif
It took two years to plan and eleven days to construct this massive new fountain installation Durston Park.

The deer featured prominently on the water feature were sculpted by Fred Boyer, Joe Boyer’s father. It took more than $80,000 and a total of two years to sculpt the deer for the first installation

"Because the previous part of the project was overgrown the little fawns never showed up, so a lot of people think that the two fawns are a new addition and, they’ve been here almost the whole time we’ve had the deer installed here," said Fred Boyer.

It was a community effort to fund the project and it took more than $70,000 to complete the fountain.

Dave Colbert, the electrician that helped wire the pumps and lighting for the project, says the new feature is a great addition to Anaconda’s growing success.

"It just shows that the community is ready to pull together, put a feature like this together to showcase Anaconda," said Colbert.

Though the project is complete, there are still payments to be made. Fred Boyer asks if anyone would like to donate direct funds to the Durston park revival project through the Anaconda Community Foundation.