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Organizers of Montana's Safe School Summit speak out after Texas shooting

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Posted at 10:40 AM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 12:40:12-04

BUTTE – A Montana-based organization that works to improve school safety, released statements in the wake of the Texas school shooting that left 19 students and 2 teachers dead.

The Jeremy Bullock Memorial Trust was established in 1994, following the death of Jeremy Bullock. Bullock was the unintended victim of a school shooting on April 12, 1994, at Margaret Leary Elementary School in Butte.

"All of us at the Jeremy Bullock Memorial Trust, including Jeremy’s parents, are devastated by the news of another mass shooting at an elementary school where nineteen children and two teachers will never come home," the statement read. "We are heartbroken for the families and the community who lost loved ones and must endure this unbearable pain."


The organization began when Jeremy's family and friends established the Jeremy Bullock Memorial Trust to seek solutions - to support school safety with tools and strategies that promote a positive climate and culture. The Trust, with the support of The University of Montana Safe Schools Center, Montana Office of Public Instruction, Butte School District #1, and the Butte Police Department, will host the 3rd annual Jeremy Bullock Safe Schools Summit on August 9-10 in Butte, MT.

“There is always a need to be vigilant, trained, ready, kind and compassionate. We must lead with these traits and provide support to the students and teachers who are having to deal with so many things,” says Robin and Bill Bullock, Jeremy’s parents. “We are in shock, angry, and saddened by what we see. There is a long journey ahead for all those impacted by these tragedies - one we had hoped that no other family or community would need to endure - yet almost 30 years later these tragedies continue. As a combined group of educators, parents, teachers, law enforcement, and mental health professionals, we are committed to help provide resources and expertise to aid our educators, students, parents, and communities. Our sympathies and prayers go out to the families, students, teachers and community.”

Additional information about the Summit and the Trust can be found at:[].

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