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POWDR plans to resubmit proposed expansion plans at Holland Lake Lodge

Holland Lake Lodge
Posted at 8:57 AM, Dec 02, 2022

KALISPELL - We have more follow up coverage regarding the proposed expansion of Holland Lake Lodge.

On Wednesday, we talked to a spokesperson from Save Holland Lake, a group opposing the project, voicing concerns about a potential new proposal moving forward.

A representative from POWDR, a Utah-based development company, talked about their plans to submit a new proposal after the US Forest Service (USFS) rejected their initial master development plan.

The USFS rejected POWDR's initial proposal citing “inaccuracies found” in their initial Master Development Plan. On Thursday, POWDR told MTN News they will be resubmitting a new plan in due time.

“I can’t tell you a date, I would love to know that myself, but we’re kind of still in the early days of this kind of scenario planning as we move forward, you know having just received the letter last week,” said POWDR Vice President of Communications Stacey Hutchinson.

Hutchinson says POWDR has been listening to public comments and will be changing certain aspects of the Holland Lake Lodge plan based on opinions they’ve heard.

“And I’m very much looking forward to sharing some of those things with the public in the coming future, we’re not quite at that stage right now but we definitely will share those details when we’re able to,” added Hutchinson.

However, Hutchinson says one thing that won’t change is the overall capacity of the proposed project along Holland Lake, saying more capacity is needed to make sure rooms are affordable for all customers.

“We will not be coming down on the capacity on the occupancy size, we’re going to keep it the same, but there will be modifications made like I said, that we have heard constructively from folks around to that plan,” says Hutchinson.

Flathead National Forest supervisor Kurt Steele told MTN News that a full environmental assessment and public comment periods will restart from the beginning once a new master development plan is submitted.