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Rural Flathead County school district opts for 4-day school week

Fair Mont Eagen School Kalispell
Posted at 10:26 AM, Mar 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-21 12:26:23-04

KALISPELL - Another rural school district in Flathead County is adding to a growing list, moving to a four-day school week starting next school year.

Fair-Mont-Egan School just east of Kalispell will be the fourth school in Flathead County to be on a four-day week schedule when the new school year begins next August.

Superintendent Brandy Carlenzoli says the school district conducted a survey with staff and student families.

The results showed 94% of school staff were in favor of the transition while 77% of families who took part in the survey were also in favor.

She says school days will be roughly 35 minutes longer, and in-school care daycare will be available for families on Fridays.

“We didn’t want to start something and not be able to serve the families that we have,” Brandy Carlenzoli said.

Carlenzoli says daycare on Fridays will be an extension of the Bruins Den, the name of the school’s before and after-school program for students.

“As we see it so far, we’re hoping to have some fun Fridays and maybe once a trimester there will be some sort of activity if all students wanted to come in and participate.”

Carlenzoli said staff members will use the extra day for professional development and staff meetings every other Friday.

“With the stresses of education, sometimes it takes just one of the weekend days just to kind of relax and come down from our crazy weeks that we sometimes have, and so this will give them an opportunity to have a little bit longer weekend.”

Carlenzoli says the school will finalize details about daycare opportunities during upcoming board meetings. Parents are encouraged to contact school officials with any questions or concerns.

Fair-Mont-Egan School is a K-though-8 school with around 130 students and 32 staff members.