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Showdown and Benefis team up to give away free helmets

Showdown and Benefis team up to give away free helmets
Posted at 12:54 PM, Jan 09, 2023

Showdown Montana alongside Benefis Health System teamed up in providing free helmets to skiers and snowboarders who made their way to Showdown Ski Area for a day of fun on Saturday morning.

Up to 300 helmets were provided to children and adults on a first come first serve basis, courtesy of Benefis Foundation Donors. This is the seventh year Benefis and Showdown teamed up in providing the free helmets.

Showdown Montana manager Katie Boedecker said Showdown doesn't have enough rental helmets to provide. She credited Benefis for their generosity in providing the helmets.

“I would say it’s a huge help to our community," she said. "Helmets are expensive. Skiing in general is an expensive sport. Anything we can do to help cut that cost for families is much appreciated."

The event was more than just a simple giveaway. It was also an opportunity to teach people why having the right sized helmet is essential when engaging in outdoor activities such as skiing.

Taylor Forsyth serves as the Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator for Benefis Health System. She explained the importance of this topic.

Taylor Forsyth

“Finding the right sized helmet and making sure it fits properly is essential in the safety of the helmet," she explained. "You don’t want it too tight, or too loose. Too tight would make it uncomfortable to wear, and then your small child might not wear it, and too loose would of course, make it fall off, or not fit properly should you fall."

Studies show that helmets offer considerably less protection for serious head injury to snow riders traveling more than 12-14 mph (source).

Chance Ostberg works in the Emergency Department at Benefis Health System. He noted some things to observe when trying on a helmet and making sure it fits appropriately.

Chance Ostberg

Ostberg stated, "When looking for the right sized helmet, you want that chin strap to be right. You want to have good tightness in the back. Obviously, helmets are a one-size, and every head is different, so it’s not going to fit one hundred percent, but you are going to want to find as close to that perfect fit as you can.”

Click here to learn more about helmet safety.

Showdown and Benefis said that while being in the midst of ski season, they aim for something like this to emphasize the importance of taking some precautions, while also having as much fun as possible.



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