Montana Resources delivers food baskets for Christmas dinners

Company gave away about $20,000 worth of donated food at this year’s event
Posted at 6:21 PM, Dec 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-19 20:21:19-05

BUTTE — “Okay, now we can start on potatoes,” Susie McClernan shouted to her fellow volunteers.

Butte miners know how to tackle a big job and that’s how the employees at Montana Resources can put together 480 baskets to help families less fortunate in Butte get a good meal this Christmas.

“I love giving back to our community because there are people here who really need this, and seeing the kids’ faces when they see this there’s nothing compared to it,” said McClernan.

Volunteers from the Butte mining company and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation raised the funds needed to get the food for the baskets, which includes enough food for a breakfast and Turkey dinner.

Many of the employee’s children volunteered Thursday to put the baskets together at the Butte Civic Center.

“I love it, because I love my town and being able to help out my neighbors is just awesome, it’s great,” Susie McClernan’s 17-year-old son Myles said.

Miner’s certainly know how to bring home the bacon and they know how to work hard and they’ve been working hard here all morning. They say this is one of the most rewarding programs they do at Montana Resources.

“Spreading a little Christmas cheer for the people in need here in Butte and it makes you feel a little better after you get it done,” said Montana Resources employee Leo Jack.

The company gave away about $20,000 worth of donated food at this year’s event.