Congressional investigations could change drastically if Congress changes hands this election

Inquires into tech companies, the Bidens and the Trumps will be impacted
Trump Mar a Lago
Posted at 3:09 PM, Sep 15, 2022

WASHINGTON — The midterm election is less than eight weeks away, with control of Congress on the line.

That impacts everything from health care to your taxes in the years to come.

In this politically-charged environment, it also impacts various congressional investigations — from the former president to the current president's son.


If Democrats can maintain control of Congress, the status quo will very much remain.

For months, Democratic leaders have promised to inquire into the profits of the oil and gas industry and airlines and canceled flights.

Of course, of all the possible investigations that Congress could conduct, Democrats have clarified for years that former President Donald Trump is their primary focus.

If Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats keep control of the House, the January 6th congressional investigation is poised to continue and potentially expand to include classified documents.

Democrats earlier this month on the House Oversight Committee, for example, obtained the financial records of Mr. Trump for the very first time after years of inquiries.


However, if Congress flips to Republican control — as is currently predicted by many pollsters with the House of Representatives — the political investigations in our country will change.

For instance, that January 6th committee could shut down entirely or its focus be altered by putting close friends of Mr. Trump on it.

The committee could start to look at the FBI and why a raid at Mar-a-lago was ordered last month.

In recent weeks, Republican leaders in the House have also signaled other inquires they plan on creating.

Take, for instance, Hunter Biden, the president's son.

Republicans have said they would like to look into his past financial ties and business practices.

Dr. Anthony Fauci could face scrutiny, too, even though he is set to retire before the end of the year.

Any investigation would likely focus on his rationale for Covid lockdowns.

Other investigations are expected to include tech companies like Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram.

Republicans have concerns over what is getting censored online.

House Republicans recently wrote to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg telling him that "big tech-implemented censorship suppresses freedom of speech."