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Democratic Sen. Warnock wins Georgia runoff against Walker

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Posted at 7:55 AM, Dec 06, 2022

Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock has won in the Georgia runoff election on Tuesday defeating Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

The outcome of the election ensures Democrats will now have a majority in the U.S. Senate for the remainder of President Joe Biden’s term in the White House.

As votes were still being counted in Georgia, Senate candidate Raphael Warnock showed a strong performance around the Democratic stronghold of Atlanta.

Challenger Herschel Walker still showed his advantage in Republican-leaning rural areas of the southern state.

Georgia voters decided to give Democrats a one-seat edge in the U.S. Senate instead of keeping the chamber evenly split, 50-50.

Democrats will now have a 51-49 Senate majority.

Voting in the runoff election between Democratic Sen. Warnock and Republican candidate Walker began at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, after early voting had been previously allowed.

Polls closed at 7 p.m. Eastern time in Georgia after voters turned out for their last chance to vote.

More than 1.8 million Georgians voted early, according to Georgia's secretary of state.

As WSB reported, a record number of Georgians turned out to vote. As around 90% of the votes were being tallied, Warnock held a lead of about 14,000 votes.

Big names turned out in support of Warnock.

Film director Spike Lee spoke to a crowd at the reverend's election headquarters and told them of his arrival after his win was announced.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens also spoke to Warnock supporters at a watch party, saying, “We are marching on to victory tonight.”

Earlier in the day Warnock's challenger Walker spoke to supporters.

"I feel very good about the outcome," Walker said earlier on Tuesday morning. "I think the early vote was good, so I think we're going to win this election."

Walker, a Trump-backed candidate, spent the final days of the campaign stumping in rural Georgia. Former President Trump remains popular in most rural parts of the state.

Warnock, in contrast, was trying to get out the youth vote.

"They keep me inspired," he said. "They keep me on my toes, and I'm proud of the ways in which young people all over Georgia are showing up."

The runoff election was triggered after no candidates received at least 50% of the vote in November. Warnock earned 49.4% of the vote and Walker got 48.5%.