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Search for missing Texas child continues after family leaves country

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez remains missing days after his family left the U.S. as officials issued an Amber Alert.
Search for missing Texas child continues after family leaves country
Posted at 12:30 PM, Mar 29, 2023

A 6-year-old Texas boy with multiple disabilities remains missing Wednesday, days after the child’s family left the U.S. on a flight for Turkey. 

A critical missing person alert was issued for Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, who was last seen in Everman, Texas. Police were sent to the last known address for the boy last week after getting an anonymous tip. 

Everman Police Chief C.W. Spencer provided a timeline of what transpired:

March 20: Police checked out the tip after getting the information from children’s services.

March 21: Police learned that the family obtained travel visas. 

March 23: Police confirmed with immigration services and children’s services that the father, who lives in Mexico, did not have Noel. Police have since confirmed there is no indication that Noel crossed the border into Mexico.

That evening, Spencer said the family left the U.S. for a Turkey-bound flight. 

March 24: Police attempted to contact Noel’s mother. Police also learned that Noel and his siblings were pulled from school. That is when police issued an Amber Alert.

March 25: Police learned that Noel’s family was no longer in the U.S. Once police learned the boy was not with family on board the flight, police changed the Amber Alert to a critical missing person alert. 

“We’ve gotten no leads on where he could be,” Spencer said on Tuesday. “There is no reason to believe he was at the airport, so until there is some evidence on where he is, I am not convinced he is dead.”

The boy’s mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, has a warrant for her arrest for giving a false report.

Spencer added that human trafficking has not been ruled out. 

Spencer said another concern is whether the child is getting proper treatment. He is on oxygen and is treated for social disorders and cognitive delays. Spencer said it’s unknown if he is getting proper treatment. 

What happened to Rodriguez-Alvarez and his family “makes no sense” to Spencer. 

“Come back and tell me what the heck is going on,” Spencer said. “I don’t understand. I think we’re on the same page here, why a mother would abscond when we’re trying to check on the welfare of her child and why we’re getting no information. This is a simple investigation in my mind. We are just trying to check the welfare of the child. If everything is good, we’re good and we move on.”

Spencer said the boy’s father is living in Mexico and has been cooperative.