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Second hiker found dead, days after going missing in southern Utah canyon

Posted at 8:43 PM, Mar 15, 2023

A second hiker was found dead Wednesday, daysafter he and another man, who also died, went missing inside a slot canyon in Kane County.

The Kane County Sheriff's Office announced they had located the body of the second hiker in Buckskin Gulch.

The two men were part of a 3-person group that entered the slot canyon on Monday morning.

A helicopter crew sent to the canyon was able to spot debris, and they eventually located one person in the group and extricated them from the canyon. The man was severely cold and was transported to a local hospital.

Slot canyon helicopter rescue

Crews continued to search for the other two men until about 4 a.m. Tuesday before taking a break. The search later resumed for the men, who reportedly had previous experience in Buckskin Gulch.

Around 6:40 p.m., the sheriff's office confirmed that one of the missing hikers was found dead.

In addition to this search, the sheriff's office said over a recent 48 hour period, it had been sent out to rescue at least ten other people from the same area, which is near "The Wave" on the Utah-Arizona border.

At over 20 miles, Buckskin Gulch is considered to be one of the most dangerous slot canyons in the U.S., with very few access or extraction points along the route.

Video below from Monday shows conditions at Buckskin Gulch (Courtesy: Meredith Perez)

Buckskin Gulch Conditions

Flooding has been a major concern heading into the spring after the enormous snowpack the state has received this winter. Utah slot canyons can quickly fill with floodwaters, creating dangerous conditions for those hiking inside.

Buckskin Gulch
Buckskin Gulch

This story was originally published by Scripps News Salt Lake City.