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Tips on preventing your pipes from freezing as temperatures drop

Ways to prevent pipes bursting in cold temps
Posted at 6:59 AM, Dec 21, 2022

It’s essential to prepare your house this week for the cold temperatures because once the temperatures drop below zero, there’s a chance your pipes could freeze.

You should let the cold water drip from a faucet, which will help prevent the pipes from freezing. It also helps to open the doors below your sink to allow warmer air to circulate.

Pipes are most at risk in basements, attics, and garages because those places are usually less heated. But even pipes in your cabinets and exterior walls can freeze in cold temperatures.

Ben Roddy, the owner of BenTek Plumbing, says if you do not prepare your house for the cold, frozen pipes could lead to a leak.

“Ice expands, so whenever it expands, it has nowhere to go, which can cause a break in the pipe, and you typically don’t know about it until things start defrosting. That’s when you have major leaks,” said Roddy.

Make sure your furnace is at least 65 degrees, and change out the filter for your furnace. And don’t forget about the water hose outside your house.

Roddy said the biggest mistake he sees people make is forgetting to unhook the water hoses from their outside spigots.

He said if you do not have running water this week, ask your neighbor if they have water. There could be a water main break if they don't have water.

He suggests shutting off your main water valve and calling a plumber if they have water.

Caroline Peters at KOAA first reported this story.