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Survivor recounts grizzly bear attack that killed Wyoming man

Posted at 2:40 PM, Sep 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 16:40:04-04

A discharged can of bear spray was found near the body of a Wyoming hunting guide who was killed in a grizzly bear attack last week.

Wyoming Game & Fish is continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Mark Uptain, whose body was found Saturday in the Terrace Mountain area.

On Thursday, Uptain was guiding a bowhunter from Florida, Corey Chubon, when Chubon shot an elk. The two men could not find the elk before dark, and returned to the area Friday and found the elk carcass in the afternoon.

The men were attacked by two grizzly bears while field dressing the elk.

Wyoming Game & Fish was notified of the attack by the Teton County Sheriff’s Office on Friday evening.

Here’s how the search and investigation unfolded, according to a Wyoming Fish & Game press release:

Game & Fish immediately responded to the area to provide assistance to the Teton County Sheriff’s Office in their search for the victims. The hunting client was flown to a local area hospital by helicopter where he received treatment for his injuries and the search began for the guide who was missing at the time of the initial response. Using information provided by the hunter, Game and Fish began to investigate the attack simultaneous to searching for the missing victim. This is standard operating procedure when wildlife attacks humans.

The interagency search for the missing guide was suspended Friday evening and resumed early Saturday morning. The guide’s body was found that day, his fatal injuries consistent with a bear attack.

An investigation found a discharged can of bear spray with the safety off near the body. It was later determined that the sow (female bear) had been sprayed with bear spray.

Later Saturday afternoon, foot snares were set at the site in an attempt to capture the offending bears. The use of foot snares allow Game and Fish personnel to live capture a bear in order to evaluate the individual bear and determine if the bear was involved in the attack prior to any management action.

On Sunday, a team of five Game and Fish personnel traveled to the site to check the foot snares. Upon reaching the site, it was determined a yearling grizzly bear was captured in the snare and an adult grizzly sow was in the vicinity. The sow charged the team in an aggressive manner and was shot by Game and Fish personnel. The yearling bear was chemically immobilized and determined to be involved in the attack of the victims. The yearling bear was then euthanized. All evidence collected leads Game and Fish investigators to believe these two bears were responsible for the fatal attack. Based on these findings, Game and Fish has discontinued all trapping operations in this area.

The bears have not been previously captured, relocated, or handled by Game and Fish in either conflict mitigation or research efforts.

“The investigation revealed the two men approached the undisturbed elk carcass and there was no sign of bears in the immediate area of the carcass,” said Hovinga. “It was after they started field dressing the elk that the attack happened.”

“This type of bear behavior is not consistent with what we would normally see, especially from a family group. It is more typical for bears to behave in a defensive manner to protect a food source, cubs, and their personal space in a surprise encounter,” explained Hovinga.

Game and Fish wants to thank the Teton County Sheriff’s Office and Teton County Search and Rescue for their professionalism during the response and coordination in this incident.

A complete and thorough investigation is still ongoing and will continue with a forensic analysis to provide additional scientific evidence.

GoFundMe account has been created to help the Uptain family; it reads, in part:

Mark Uptain passed away in a tragic hunting accident on September 14th.  He was doing one of activities he had extreme passion for. An experienced hunting guide in the backcountry of Wyoming.  While preparing to pack a Elk out, Mark was attacked by a Bear and sadly did not make it. Even more then the outdoors Mark loved his beautiful wife Sarah and their 5 amazing kids.   Please give what you can or share to help this family in their time of need.