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Gianforte, Daines and Tester respond to the State of the Union speech

Posted at 7:44 AM, Feb 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-06 09:44:22-05

The three members of Montana’s congressional delegation gave their response to President Trump’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte, a Republican, echoed the GOP president’s calls for Republicans and Democrats to put aside differences and work together to produce results:

“President Trump is right we must come together to address the challenges facing our country. Republicans and Democrats should do what we did last year come together to deliver results for the American people,” he said.

President Trump urged Republicans and Democrats to come together.

Sen. Steve Daines, also a Republican, reacting to tonight’s speech on Twitter saying, “I commend Donald Trump for his leadership in putting US ag first and I will continue to work to reduce barriers to trade.”

And Sen. Jon Tester, a Democrat, stated that he will always work with the President when it’s right for Montana and will also hold him accountable when necessary:

“I’ve always said I’ll work with the President when it’s right for Montana and hold him accountable when it’s necessary. I agree with his call for unity and bipartisanship, but those words will ring hollow if they’re not paired with action. It’s not enough to give lip service to our country’s pressing problems—like the high cost of prescription drugs, the safety of communities nationwide, the tariffs hurting our farmers, and our aging infrastructure—we’ve got to solve them. I’ll be rolling up my sleeves with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to do just that.”

Trump’s speech, originally scheduled for last week, was postponed because of a government shutdown that lasted 35 days over funding for a border wall.

Watch the entire speech, including the Democratic response, here.

Story by Zoey Zandora – MTN News