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Bullock talks southern border, climate change in Iowa town hall

Posted at 6:40 AM, Jun 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-27 08:40:46-04

DES MOINES, IOWA- Montana Gov. Steve Bullock didn’t qualify for the first Democratic presidential debate but did get some valuable “face time” Wednesday in Iowa, the state where the first caucus will be held next February.

A town hall featuring only Bullock was broadcast live on WHO-TV in Des Moines. Bullock answered questions from Iowans on several issues, including the crisis on the southern border, which he accused President Trump of using to divide the nation.

Bullock also pledged to make climate change a top priority if elected, vowing to rejoin the Paris Agreement. The Montana governor also talked about what he would do to make housing and college more affordable saying that, unlike some other Democrats, he is not in favor of forgiving student loans for everyone.

Bullock also answered a question about the importance of making sure Social Security is around for the long haul.

“So as president I would not only honor our commitment when it comes to Social Security, but we have got to figure out, from an additional revenue perspective or just frugality in government, to make sure that we can fund it, so not only you can be assured that what you paid in your lifetime you get, but I can be assured of that for me as well,” he said.

In a press release sent out following tonight’s DNC debate in Miami, Bullock said that a critical voice was missing from the stage, “If we don’t change our strategy—if we don’t turn out Democrats and win back some of the voters we lost in the last election, we will lose to Trump again and we deserve to.”

Bullock will head to New Hampshire Thursday where he will take part in another televised town hall meeting which will be hosted by WMUR.

Bullock’s campaign says he has qualified for the second DNC debate in July.

Story by Russ Reisinger – MTN News