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Army of snowmen bringing fun to Missoula

Over 220 snowmen can be found in one Missoula yard
Missoula Snowmen
Posted at 11:14 AM, Jan 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-25 16:58:52-05

MISSOULA - You may have noticed on your morning or evening commute down Russell Street Missoula - an army of snowmen taking over a yard. We talked with one of the artists behind the snowmen.

Many people know the song “Do you want to build a snowman?” Well, one family on the corner of Sixth and Russell streets has built over 220 of them.

It’s a winter wonderland that homeowner Jeff Bobick and his daughter have been building and as you pass by, you will see Jeff and his daughter out building more snowmen as Western Montana gets more snow.

"We started building a bunch of snowmen as a family and then my daughter brought up let's make smaller ones and it just built from there," Jeff explained.

Missoula Snowmen
An army of snowmen has taken over the yard of a house at the corner of Sixth and Russell streets in Missoula.

As we walked through the yard full of snowmen, one thing was clear, so many people have loved these snowmen and the reaction of the people of Missoula has been amazing and nothing but positive.

One driver that pulled over expressed to MTN News how cool the display was and how awesome it is that Jeff and his daughter had done this. The yard includes not small and big snowmen, but there is even a snow version of the University of Montana Grizzly bear.

So, what started out as a family building snowman for themselves, turned into a larger project that has captivated those who drive on Russell Street. ut the display isn't over yet, so, with one snowball at a time, the snowmen will keep being built.

“As long as it’s snowing, I'll keep rolling,” Jeff said.