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Chance to feel beautiful again: Billings woman donates hair after 30 years of growth

Jenna gets her haircut
Posted at 8:33 AM, Oct 18, 2022

BILLINGS — Hair is personal. It can determine not only the way we look, but the way we feel. At Studio Ellie Salon in Billings, one Billings woman took a huge leap Monday, in getting her first big haircut—all to share that feeling of confidence and beauty, through hair.

“I’ve never actually had a haircut other than trimming the ends, so this is 30 years of growth," Jenna Hennings said. “No color, no heat treats, just virgin hair.”

Inch by inch as her hair grew longer, Hennings had a goal for the growth.

"I've always wanted to donate my hair," Hennings said. "Hair for a lot of people is a thing of beauty and I feel like the people who lose it for medical reasons stop feeling beautiful, and I wanted to give some the chance to feel beautiful again."

Three feet later, Hennings made the chop and more than a foot of her hair will go to Hair We Share, a nonprofit organization that makes hair wigs and donates them to men, women, and children experiencing medical hair loss.

Behind the shears is Emily Trafton, whose experience with hair goes far beyond styling.

“I’ve been doing hair for about four years now. I like to have the opportunity to make people feel beautiful and feel better about themselves," Trafton said.

"I myself suffer from medical hair loss myself and wear a wig myself, so I wanted to donate my time, since I cannot donate my hair," Trafton said.

After years of keeping her hair pristine and ready for a wig, Hennings new hair goals include dying her hair for the first time,

"Now I'm going purple," Hennings said.

Hennings is also trying to raise money for Hair We Share to cover the cost of making the wig, since it will be given out for free.

You can find that fundraiser: []