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Deputy helps woman who lost heat during sub-zero snap

Julie Jones
Deputy Jamie Carr
John Kindred
Posted at 8:32 AM, Jan 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-12 10:32:35-05

GREAT FALLS — Cascade County Sheriff's Deputy Jamie Carr is being hailed by the community for helping an 85-year old woman whose home heating failed during our recent sub-zero weather.

And John Kindred of Kindred Plumbing & Heating is also garnering praise for taking action to help.

Kindred explained in a Facebook post:

My evening of being on call started with 2 homes without heat and 1 water main break at 9 below zero. On my second call my phone rang, it was a local officer…. Kind of odd…asking if we respond after hours if someone has no heat? My reply - “Yes absolutely”. He then explains he was called to a home with a 90 year old female for a well check, she had no heat and no water, due to frozen pipes and failed furnace. He had been there a while already and was doing his best to get heat on. He explained he was willing to pay the bill and if needed go buy her temporary heaters. I went to the home, furnace needed a specialty part, I left her 2 of our loaner heaters to stay warm. The officer had already thawed her water lines and restored water to her home. This officer went above and beyond his job description tonight. He made every effort, tried every possibility and was able to get her heat and water this evening. Awesome job officer —-!! You are a hero!! I am proud to be in a community with this kind of person. Thank you officer for having a super hero cape under that uniform. The world is full of amazing people.

Julie Jones called Deputy Carr the next day to express her gratitude:

Julie Jones