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Jr. Ranger to-go kits easy way to get kids learning, interested in Montana outdoors

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Posted at 3:27 PM, Dec 22, 2022

KALISPELL - Getting kids outside and keeping them active can be difficult.

But Wayfarer State Park and Lone Pine State Park have teamed up to make activity kits to get kids interested in the outdoors.

These Jr. Ranger to-go Activity Kits will be handed out every other week through March 15 at either Lone Pine or Wayfarers State Park.

“Here we go, who’s the Jr. Ranger? Here’s one and here’s the other one," said a volunteer who was handing out kits.

This series of grab-and-go kits are perfect for learning about all the Flathead wilderness has to offer.

“This is a way for us to really kind of push more education and, and get things out to the families in our valley to go outside and explore our parks. Where they don't need us to be there. It's a really fun activity. It's also really fun for us to make up,” said Flathead Lake State Park Assistant Recreation Manager Derrick Rathe.

Every other week, the kits will cover various topics through lesson plans and activities.

“Today we have winter survival, which is perfect for negative 24 that we've got going on," said one of the park rangers.

You can see what activity will be available at which location on the Jr. Ranger to-go Kits Facebook page. Most of the materials are provided in the bags to complete the activity.

This week's bag had fire-starting materials inside.

“So it's a cotton ball with Vaseline wrapped into it, and then it sealed up in a little bit of tin foil just to keep it contained in your pack, and then you can just grab little pieces out and use that to get your sparks going,” said the park ranger.