Public memorial service on Thursday will honor Antonio “Tony” Renova

Tony died after he was allegedly beaten by his parents
Posted at 7:29 AM, Dec 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-04 09:29:09-05

A public memorial service has been scheduled in Great Falls to honor Antonio “Tony” Renova, the five-year old boy who died after he was allegedly beaten by his parents.

The Dandelion Foundation is organizing the event, called "Antonio's Last Honors." It will be on Thursday, December 5, from 6 pm to 8 pm at Montana ExpoPark. Click here to visit the Facebook event page .

The Dandelion Foundation says that it will be "much more than a memorial service," and will be opportunity for those affected by Tony's death to have some closure and, most importantly, answer the question, "What can I do to prevent this from happening to another child?"

Event highlights include:

❤️ Honoring Tony's Native American heritage
❤️ Beautiful live music
❤️ An inspirational call to action
❤️ A very special close to the service
❤️ A reception designed to wow kids of all ages
❤️ Worship teams for spiritual support
❤️ Opportunities to connect with agencies who serve children
❤️ The chance to get involved

In a Facebook post , the Dandelion Foundation also noted: "It is important for the community to know there are several family members who loved Tony dearly and did attempt to provide him a safe and loving home. We encourage those who do not have first-hand knowledge of the situation to refrain from speculating further. We hope the community finds some comfort learning Tony experienced love and kindness from several family members, including his incredible foster family."

Christy Foster, who was Antonio's foster mother from shortly after he was born until he was given back to his birth parents in February 2019, told MTN News, "Tony was a sweet boy. He loved animals. He always knew how to make people laugh because he was such a ham. He loved going to church. He loved learning new things." She assured us that he experienced much happiness and joy during his years with them.

Three suspects, including both of his parents, now face criminal charges for Tony's death.