Questions remain following abrupt closure of Fuel Fitness

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Posted at 8:26 AM, Oct 05, 2022

HELENA — Early Sunday Morning, the Fuel Fitness center on North Montana Avenue was boarded and locked up from the outside.

Staff and members of the gym were confused about the sudden change, especially for the former Helena Fuel Fitness manager Heather Sappington.

“I thought I was being let go and then I got a call from my employee Sunday morning at 6 am letting me know that all the doors and windows without any warning. I had no idea,” said Sappington.

The Helena community went right to social media talking about the abrupt closure of the fitness center and posting pictures of the boarded-up facility. Questions on social media brought concerns over payment charges and items still in the facility.

The fitness center had a close nit community, and Sappington was well aware of that.

“We were a family. Like we called it our fuel family. The members were all really close you know we had some of the older folks that came in for a workout and their social hour and you know we all just would sit around and talk. We knew a lot about each other’s lives, and it was a shame they did the things they did,” said Sappington.

The fitness center is working with the community in returning items that were left in the facility as well as refunding memberships due to their closing. To contact Fuel Fitness about those concerns, you can email them at