Here’s your chance to name newly discovered planets

NASA Space Telescope
Posted at 10:39 AM, Aug 22, 2022

Have you ever wanted to name a planet? You now have that chance.

With NASA’s new Webb Space Telescope spotting many new exoplanets, the International Astronomical Union is allowing the public to help name the newly discovered worlds.

The IAU is asking for teams of students, teachers and astronomy enthusiasts to create and implement an outreach event related to exoplanets. The team is then free to choose their method of picking a name.

The team is then required to submit its name proposal both in writing and on video. Teams have until Nov. 11 to submit their proposals.

After the IAU vets the names, the proposals will be voted on from Dec. 16 through March 16. The new titles will be announced on March 20.

The IAU said that 20 exoplanets and their host stars will be named.

There are some types of names that will not be considered, including those of people, pets or trademarks.