The Montana Highway Patrol is testing out a new hat style

Montana Highway Patrol trooper Mackenzie Gifford
Sergeant Jay Nelson of the Montana Highway Patrol
Montana Highway Patrol hats
Posted at 8:09 AM, Apr 21, 2021

GREAT FALLS — The Montana Highway Patrol has added a new style option to its troopers' uniforms. The MHP updates uniforms periodically, and the new style design is a nod to Montana culture and traditions.

The new hats and matching tie are intended to provide a modern update to their uniforms, while paying homage to Montana’s western roots.

“You know, the meaning behind the design of the Western hats is truly just a connection back to our Western roots,” said Sergeant Jay Nelson. “We’ve had a lot of uniform changes in the history of the Montana Highway Patrol, we did have a Western style hat a many years ago and we’re giving it a try, seeing what people think of it.”

Six Montana Highway Patrol Troopers have been selected to model the new hat option during a trial period, and feedback from the public will be considered in the decision whether to keep the new option.

Montana Highway Patrol trooper Mackenzie Gifford has had the opportunity to try out the new hat with matching tie, and says she likes the new uniform option: “Basically with the new hats, the Patrol’s given us the option, if we wish, to kind of take a step back into our Western lifestyle in Montana.”

After the trial period, troopers can have the choice of switching to the Western style hat or keeping the traditional campaign hat.

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