Youth can stay busy during winter break by earning money

Posted at 8:40 AM, Dec 21, 2022

GREAT FALLS — Winters in Montana are harsh, and they bring the elements that can create an avenue for income for youth: shoveling snow.

BusyKid is an app that creates easy payment methods on a cellphone. Marketing to the youth, it offers ways for them to invest savings into the stock market.

The application CEO, Gregg Murset offers five steps in creating an effective business plan:
· Make a plan – who to ask and how much to charge
· Make payment easy – cash, Venmo, or BusyKid and BusyPay features
· Set up the next service
· Blow the snow, not the money you make – save, share, invest and spend
· Start planning for Spring

“I would say those are those are the five points that we that we came up with. I think they're really smart. I think it's a great way for kids to go out there, hustle, earn some money, and then make some good decisions with that money.” Mursett said.

The work is cold and not glamorous, but it pays – with the help of gloves, a hat, and a winter coat.

Mursett says that financial curriculum isn’t taught in depth in school.

“We need to teach them the real application. And I believe kids learn best by do. They do these things and that's when they learn.”

The application offers ways for kids to invest in their favorite brands or companies including Tesla, Nike, or Netflix.

“They have this moment when they, you know, strive to make an investment in something and then it grows, or it shrinks. It's like, ‘oh’, that's when they learn, right? You got to teach them how to earn money and then make good decisions with their money because that will set them up for the future more than almost anything else.”

Creating financial stability for the future.

Residents and Great Falls were mixed on how they felt about paying a teenager to shovel sidewalks or driveways. In a door-to-door survey of 10 houses, half said the need is there, while the others felt they can do it themselves or for their neighbors.

Zachary Taylor is all for it.

“I'm totally for people starting their own businesses and just local businesses in general, especially entrepreneurship. I think there's not enough of that, especially in the youth.”

Murset added. “This is accountability. It's responsibility. It's getting stuff done. It's decision making, right? Once you get some money, you have to make some decisions with that money.”