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Oscar Mayer is renaming the Wienermobile for first time in nearly 100 years

Oscar Mayer is renaming the Wienermobile for first time in nearly 100 years
Posted at 11:35 AM, May 17, 2023

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is getting a new name for the first time in nearly 100 years.

Now known as the “Frankmobile,” the fleet of six vehicles will hit the road this week with new exterior decals and Wiener Whistles that are now called “Frank Whistles.” The vehicles will also be driven by a new class of Hotdoggers, now known as Frankfurters.

The change is a promotion for Oscar Mayer’s “100% Beef Franks,” which now have a new recipe. The brand describes the new recipe in a press release as having a “more balanced flavor profile and iconic beefy taste that is more delicious than ever – all while sparking miles of smiles and uniting fans around a love of meat.”

While they haven’t officially said “Frankmobile” is just for a limited time, Oscar Mayer tells Simplemost the brand is trying out the new name to “see if it cuts the mustard with its fans.”

To further promote the new recipe, the brand is also offering a “Franks for Franks” deal. If you happen to see the Frankmobile near you — and also happen to be named Frank — you can stop by and get a coupon for a free pack of the brand’s hotdogs.

While this marks the first time the giant hot dog on wheels has changed its name, the automobile itself has gone through quite a few makeovers during its nearly 100 years on the road.

Since its introduction in 1936, it has served as an Airbnb, a ride to prom for some lucky students and most recently, a wedding chapel.

Oscar Mayer says every detail of the newly-named Frankmobile is designed to encourage people to stop “taking things too seriously,” and in turn allow people to enjoy themselves with “seriously delicious meats.”

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What do you think of the iconic vehicle’s new name?

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