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Out and About: Relax and renew at the Yellowstone Hot Springs

Posted at 6:07 PM, Jul 07, 2022

GARDINER — The community of Gardiner wasn’t spared from the devastating floods, but residents can go one place to alleviate stress. The Yellowstone Hot Springs is chockful of soothing minerals and though it was affected by the floods, the springs are back and open for business.

It’s a place you might miss if you’re not looking for it.

“It’s gorgeous, mountain views, pool views, a spectacular landscape,” said Gabriela Wells, who recently visited from California.

Located right off US Highway 89 in Gardiner, Yellowstone Hot Springs is owned by Church Universal and Triumphant and has only been open since 2019.


“The water is actually pumped to us from the LaDuke Hot Springs about a mile and a half down the road," said general manager of Yellowstone Hot Springs, Erin Kennedy.

It comes out at about 155 degrees. The hot springs has a flow system where the water empties into the Yellowstone River.

“So, we cannot use chemicals. There is no chlorine, there is no bleach,” said Kennedy.

That means there’s a whole new pool every eight hours.

Though the hot spring itself was spared from the floods, the property's cabins, RV park, and camping sites were affected.

“We did lose 13 of our RV sites to the raging waters,” said Kennedy.

During the peak of the floods, the establishment lent out its running water and showers to the residents of Gardiner.

“We also lowered our prices to kind of help the folks who are suffering in Park County,” said Kennedy.

Right now, it only costs $10 for adults to soak in the springs all day, and that’s not the only way they’re trying to help the community.

“Mother Nature left us an amazing beach that we didn’t have before. So now we’re partnering with two different raft companies from Gardiner because their landing spot was washed away,” Kennedy said.


There are three pools at the Yellowstone Hot Springs: hot, warm and cold. It’s good for visitors like Johanna Lindstrom, who came from Washington state.

“I really like how they have the hot and the cold pool, and I usually go in and out of both. It’s really nice to just switch around,” said Lindstrom.

They’re also the only hot springs that has a Kneipp Walk in the country: one side’s hot and one side’s cold.

“There’s river rock on the bottom. As you walk from hot to cold, it does what’s called pleasant thermal shock,” said pool operator Ronald Boeckman.

The water shocks the body almost immediately while microcurrents travel up toward the head. Boeckman said this helps stimulate blood circulation.


“We found that walking around seven times, hot cold, hot cold, seven times. By the seventh time, if you have a headache it’s gone, if you have a migraine, gone,” Boeckman said.

That’s not the only thing unique about Yellowstone Hot Springs.

“What makes this an exceptional hot springs are the jets,” said Boeckman.

Boeckman said the high pressure of the jets combined with the minerals washes away any kind of pain.

While you’re soaking, it’s a good chance to see some wildlife.

“We’ve got big horn sheep across the river, eagles flying over, elk walking through every day,” said Kennedy.

Visitors have not been disappointed.

“Honestly, 10 out of 10, and I’ve been to a lot,” Wells said.