No surge in Montana homeschooling registrations so far, officials say

Posted at 12:39 PM, Jul 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-28 14:39:33-04

During a time of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard to be certain whether or not you’re making the right decision regarding sending your child back to school.

There’s always the option to homeschool.

“Some parents do a wonderful job of homeschooling their children. But some parents don’t know what they’re getting in for,” explained Cathy Maloney.

Maloney is the president of the Montana Association of County Schools Superintendents, and to register for homeschooling, you have to register under your county’s superintendent.

“It’s still 7, 8 hours a day in the courses that are still the standard: reading, writing, arithmetic, science, social studies, phonics or handwriting, P.E., art,” she said.

And so far, the association hasn’t seen an increase in homeschooling registration.

“So, we have not expected or received a lot of calls saying there would be additional homeschooling. We probably will have a standard amount and everybody’s kind of doing the wait and see first,” Maloney said.

But while parents are waiting, they can still do something.

“I would recommend that they talk to their local school district first because if the local school district is going to provide online instruction, then the parent doesn’t have to buy all of those resources,” the educator said.

Many schools will start to open in just a few weeks.

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