Shining the Rebound spotlight on Female Business Owners: Bozeman businesswoman casting a unique spell for success

“The Magical Babe inspires women to find the most authentic and powerful version of themselves..."
Posted at 4:19 PM, May 20, 2021
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BOZEMAN — We are excited to continue our Rebound series featuring some of the fearless women of Southwest Montana.

Fearless, when it comes to business. You might call them Boss Babes. These are the women business owners who made it through the pandemic, overcame obstacles and now continue to thrive.

This time we spotlight a lady casting a unique spell for success, Breezy Cutler. Cutler runs the lifestyle brand for women, Magical Babe.

“The Magical Babe inspires women to find the most authentic and powerful version of themselves,” said Cutler.

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It is a journey Breezy understands. She actually studied conducting and music in college and once lead orchestras all over the Northwest. It was a wonderful career she says, but not one that truly fulfilled her, so she set off traveling and soul searching to find her true calling leading and guiding other women to discover theirs.

“It is getting them to find the power that lies within them and seeing for themselves how amazing they are. Then they’re able to make better choices or get crystal clear on what their goals are,” said Cutler.

When it comes to life and work ethic Breezy may indeed have some magical powers. Her world doesn’t just revolve around the Magical Babe.

She and her husband share two additions business: New Wave Float Therapy and Cutting Edge Paint and Paper, as well as three children.

“It just commands a lot of attention and has a lot of moving parts,” she said.

To say the least! Then 2020 happened, throwing in the coronavirus curveball.

“Then you throw a pandemic into it and you have to really make decisions on the fly and analyze what’s working and what isn’t working.”

While the wallpaper operation is primarily run by her husband Chris, Breezy says surviving 2020 meant daily pivots for New Wave and the Magical Babe.

For New Wave, the pandemic meant two months of total shut down.

“I had to trust that we offered something unique and that our clients would return because they benefit from the services but at the same time there were two and a half months of rent to pay on our space and other things to think about,” Cutler explained.

But she says the downtime also offered a time for reflection and she made the most of it. She decided to maximize the elements of her businesses that offered the most benefits to their clients and leave the rest behind.

Shining the Rebound spotlight on Female Business Owners: Bozeman businesswoman casting a unique spell for success

“It just takes a little bit of work to decide what your niche is and what your strengths are and try to bring those to the forefront instead of trying to be everyone to everybody all the time.”

For the Magical Babe, the pandemic meant a compete 180. She says she went from pop-ups and parties to an almost totally online presence of masterclasses and workshops. It was a change that turned out to be a win, allowing her to reach a nationwide audience. Now, this babe is seeing major growth.

“I don’t think I have even been able to get started yet,” Cutler said with a smile. “I feel like I’m on the edge of something.”

Now she’s working to cast a spell for a magical 2021 with some advice for others going through the hard times. She says don’t be afraid to get vulnerable, ask for help and try new things. She believes that’s the path to clarity. She also has a shout-out to other ladies who lead, saying their examples of resilience helped her find ways to level up when the chips were down.

“I am inspired by other women business owners in the community and I’m grateful for the relationships that I have with them. We can all work off of each other, we can all lift each other up,” said Cutler.

Breezy also recently added another element to her spellbook, candles she pours herself.

She also has not left music behind. She is the director of the St. James Episcopal Choir in Bozeman.

We will be featuring different female business owners each month on Montana this Morning and MTN News. If you know some boss babes with great Rebound stories, contact us.

UPDATE: 5/21/2021 - Additional photo credits Kylee Palmer and Lauren Brown.

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