Rent moratorium ends Friday but Butte renters can still get help

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jul 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-23 20:32:20-04

BUTTE - The state’s moratorium that prevented landlords from evicting people for not paying rent during the coronavirus is coming to an end. But officials in Butte say there’s hope for those behind in rent.

“There should be some way to help you either get a payment agreement done or get your rent paid, it’s not completely hopeless, you just need to reach out and ask for help,” said Revonda Stordahl, the Director Public Housing Authority in Butte.

Groups like Action Inc. in Butte have more than $170,000 available from the federal Cares Act to give to help those trying to make rent.

“For anybody who has been negatively impacted by covid and have receive eviction notices, they can contact Action Inc. and we may be able to have some rent assistance,” said Traci McArthur with Action Inc.

Housing groups are hoping landlords will work with tenants before going to the local courts seeking evictions.

“Our service advocates have reached out to the landlord to try to do some crisis response and tell them we’re hoping that we’re going to be receiving some of this funding and we’re going to be able to assist some folks,” said McArthur.

One of the missions of Action Inc. is to try to prevent homelessness in the community so they want tenants and landlords to know that Action Inc. is here to try to help people pay their rent.

“And that’s what we’re hoping to prevent with the Cares Act funding that we receive is that we can prevent people from becoming homeless,” said McArthur.