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This Giant Floating Mat Has Earned Raves On Amazon For Making Swim Days More Fun

This Giant Floating Mat Has Earned Raves On Amazon For Making Swim Days More Fun
Posted at 7:20 AM, May 27, 2022

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Having the right floaties and other fun accessories can be the best way to maximize your time on and in the water when the weather is hot.

While there will always be a place for inflatable rafts and inner tubes, some of the most popular water items on the market today are large floating mats that allow for multiple people to get on top without fear of sinking. One highly rated version of these foam floating “docks” is the Rubber Dockie, which you can get on Amazon.

The 9-by-12-foot version of the floating mat costs $349 and the 18-by-6-foot one costs $449. It’s clearly not a budget item, but the thousands of people who’ve sprung for one have been very pleased.



Despite being called the Rubber Dockie, these floating mats are actually made of tear-resistant foam. The manufacturer explains on Amazon that “unlike the name, the Rubber Dockie is made of closed-cell foam.” But “‘Closed Cell Foam Dockie’ didn’t sound very cool.”

The Rubber Dockie includes an attached 12-foot bungee cord with a carabiner that allows you to hook the mat to your boat, dock or something else to keep it from floating away. It rolls up and can be stored that way with the included velcro storage straps. It might remind you of a massive yoga mat when you’re got it rolled up for storage.

The smaller 9-by-6-foot size is recommended for better portability, but if you have the space, the 18-by-6-footer will obviously allow for more people.

As far as colors go, the mat comes in bright orange and green for better visibility while in the water.


Rubber Dockie is a South Dakota-based company, and some Amazon customer reviews have raved about fast-acting customer service and how, in some cases, the owner himself contacted them when there was an issue with the mat.

“When a big storm came at night the cord broke from the high waves and the mat washed ashore,” wrote one Amazon customer named Thomas. “Jamie responded to my email within minutes and sent a replacement along with some other ‘goodies’ at no cost.”

The Rubber Dockie has an overall mark of 4.6 stars out of five on Amazon, with over 1,590 ratings.

A recent reviewer said that the mat arrived quickly and made going out on their pontoon boat even better because “it simply adds another level of water enjoyment.”

“Instead of using multiple floats in the water, we all hang out beside (or on) the one large float,” the reviewer said. “Overall this just makes being in the water a lot more fun and nobody is floating away. My 2-year-old granddaughter ran back and forth on it all day, with a lifejacket, sunscreen and adults all around it of course.”

A group of women relax on the Rubber Dockie floating mat.
Rubber Dockie

While more expensive than some floating mats, reviewers say the Rubber Dockie is sturdier.

“Compared to friends floating mats, ours has held up better,” wrote Art, another Amazon customer. “Can get multiple adults and kids on it and still float! Came with straps and tether so we didn’t have to do anything but roll it out and play!”

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