Bobcat Central: With Mellott back, MSU returns to two-quarterback plan

Posted at 12:57 PM, Oct 14, 2022

BOZEMAN — It looks like the Bobcats are reloading a potent weapon for their faceoff this weekend against Northern Colorado.

On today's Bobcat Central, MTN's Ashley Washburn says the big news this week is the return of the two-quarterback plan.

She says after two weeks on the sidelines dealing with a concussion, Montana State’s Tommy Mellott will return to action this Saturday against Northern Colorado. However, during his absence it’s no secret Sean Chambers took control of this Bobcat offense – which warrants the question: "What will this 2-quarterback system look like going forward?"

Chet noted that seems to be a better problem than that we had early in the season when we didn’t really know what Sean Chambers could do. We now know. Ashley says she thinks that’s a question Montana State is also still trying to answer, but one thing we do know for sure is Tommy Mellot will get the start on Saturday.

Ashley says, looking ahead to Saturday in Greeley Colorado, the Bears have some challenges. She notes with Northern Colorado losing more than 30 players to the transfer portal this offseason, their defense only returned three starters this fall – one of which is an All-American, but to their luck hasn’t played a single snap all season.

She also says not to expect the Cats to show everything they can do with the Mellot/Chambers combo. The Weber game is next and that contest carries some weight. She says she thinks MSU will save some of the surprise for them instead of Northern Colorado.

Montana State versus Northern Colorado kicks off in Greeley Saturday at 1 pm, a game you’ll be able to watch right here on the Montana Television Network.