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Starbucks’ spring menu includes new Cinnamon Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew

Starbucks’ spring menu includes new Cinnamon Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew
Posted at 7:55 AM, Mar 07, 2023

Starbucks is kicking off the spring season with a new drink that combines the wintery flavor of cinnamon with the warm-weather goodness of cold brew coffee.

The new Cinnamon Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew features cinnamon and caramel flavors swirled into Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew. The drink is finished with cinnamon sweet cream cold foam and a dusting of cinnamon dolce topping.

“Taking inspiration from salted caramels and gooey sticky buns, the new Cinnamon Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew is a lovely balance of decadent baking flavors with a delicate and creamy cold foam topping that seamlessly blends into the coffee with each sip,” Erin Marinan, Starbucks beverage developer, said in a press release. “This velvety smooth Nitro Cold Brew provides customers with a fresh take on the fan-favorite caramel flavor.”

While the drink is new for the spring menu, it will be available year-round, so you don’t need to rush to grab it before summer begins.


There are no other new drinks or food items on the menu, but Starbucks is also launching a new spring drinkware collection full of bright colors to get you in the mood for warm weather.

Priced between $14.95-$24.95, the collection includes a Pink & Orange Gradient Tumbler, a Pastel Ombre Tumbler, a Checkered Cold Cup and a 12-ounce Petunia Tumbler that features a textured pattern and a tri-color design.


Dunkin’ has also announced its spring menu, which includes a new Caramel Chocolate Cold Brew, a Carrot Cake Muffin and an Irish creme-flavored coffee that is exclusively for Dunkin’ Rewards members.

Dunkin’ says the Caramel Chocolate Cold Brew, topped with chocolate cold foam and cocoa caramel sprinkles, has flavor notes of caramel and milk chocolate. The Irish creme-flavored coffee has a “velvety flavor with sweet creme and vanilla.”


What new spring drink are you most excited to try?

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