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SunnyD Vodka Seltzer is now available at select Walmarts

SunnyD Vodka Seltzer is now available at select Walmarts
Posted at 10:30 AM, Mar 11, 2023

The kids of the ’90s are all grown up — and that means it’s time for a more adult take on a popular drink from the decade.

Introducing SunnyD Vodka Seltzer! The new drink mixes the tangy orange flavor of SunnyD with vodka and sparkling water. Created due to popular demand, the seltzer has 4.5% alcohol by volume, 95 calories per can and zero grams of sugar.

The seltzer is coming to select Walmart stores beginning on March 11. It’s available in a four-pack of 12-ounce cans priced around $9.99. Single 12-ounce cans will also be available for purchase. The brand does not say if the seltzer will eventually be in all Walmart locations, but notes the drink will roll out nationwide. If you want to snag some, you’ll need to keep an eye out at your local store.

“SunnyD is a powerful brand, the most boldly unique orange drink on the planet,” Ilene Bergenfeld, chief marketing officer, Harvest Hill Beverage Company, said in a press release. “Consumers are passionate about this iconic brand, rooted in nostalgia but with a taste that resonates today. Many have told us that they enjoy SunnyD as a mixer and asked for this product. So, we looked at the hard seltzer category, and thought, good, but we can do better. And SunnyD Vodka Seltzer was born.”


After SunnyD was created in 1963, it had a large wave of popularity at the end of the last century; it is typically thought of as a uniquely ’90s drink. In 2016, it was acquired by Harvest Hill Beverage Company and has seen a resurgence of popularity, with 30% growth since 2019.

SunnyD says a blind taste test of their new seltzer revealed that consumers loved the taste and think it’s “unique in the hard seltzer category.” The company said that 57% of consumers said it’s better than the hard seltzers they usually drink, while 87% said it tastes “different” from other hard seltzers. Some noted that it had a stronger, fuller flavor.


The SunnyD seltzer follows the release of Warheads Seltzer, another flavor ’90s and early 2000s children should remember. Other fun hard seltzer flavors include Bud Light’s classic soda, Crook’d Bru’s dill pickle and possibly the closest you’ll find to the SunnyD flavor, orange cream pop hard seltzer from Coors.

Will you be checking your local Walmart for the new SunnyD Vodka Seltzer?

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