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Survey: What's worrying America's children?

About 86% of kids in the U.S. say they worry, according to Nemours KidsHealth. Here's why.
Survey: What's worrying America's children?
Posted at 11:42 AM, May 08, 2023

About 86% of kids in the U.S. say they worry, according to a Nemours KidsHealth survey commissioned by the Harris Poll. 

The study, surveying kids ages 9 to 13, found that 65% of children worry about their looks, 55% worry about being bullied, and 47% are concerned about friendships. The kids who worry about these topics say they do so once a week or more. 

About a third of kids think they worry more than those their age, and nearly a quarter think no one usually notices when they feel this way.

When kids worry, some of their top reactions are feeling distracted and unable to focus, sad and miserable, or quiet. 

As far as coping mechanisms go, children often turn to social media and other technology in times of worry, but they say it doesn’t necessarily make them feel better. 

More than 9 in 10 children who talk to someone or do something creative, like painting or playing music, report feeling better. About 67% of kids turn to their parents for advice or information when they worry. 

Of the children utilizing video games, television or social media, 85% say playing video games makes them feel better, compared to 72% for TV and 59% for social media. 

More than half of children don’t think adults understand their worries. 

Nemours KidsHealth has outlined a number of resources for parents and their worrying kids.

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