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You Can Now Buy A Pillow Shaped Like Bread For The Most Delicious Dreams Ever

You Can Now Buy A Pillow Shaped Like Bread For The Most Delicious Dreams Ever
Posted at 6:08 AM, Jun 13, 2019

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If you go to bed and dream of carbs, this is the product for you. Amazon is selling a pillow that’s shaped like a baguette because why have comfort food when you could have comfort foam, you know?

OK, so according to a review, this pillow isn’t actually full of foam — nor does it have a doughy bread center — but it’s filled with plastic beads and is plenty comfy:

“Finally you can fulfill your lifelong dream of falling asleep on a giant pillow made of bread! It’s got a fluffy exterior, and plastic beans on the inside,” the review reads. “It’s a pretty good pillow … just don’t try to eat it. I got the version that’s 33 inches. It’s massive. And wonderful.”

One downside that someone who reviewed this product pointed out is it doesn’t smell like bread — but hey, that really would be shooting for the moon. Aside from the fact that you’ll want to nap with this instead of munch on it — this bread pillow is just as good as an actual baguette, especially if you heat it up first (but maybe don’t toast it)! Hey, why should bread be limited to the kitchen anyway?

Take a look at this beauty:


Can you imagine cuddling up on the couch with this thing?

Just imagine all of the visions of bread dancing in your head! The best part? No bread maker required!


And, considering the 31.5-inch version of this pillow is selling for $20.99 on Amazon, it won’t cost you much to have the savoriest dreams ever. Smaller versions of the pillow have also popped up on Amazon from time to time but there weren’t any available as of publication time.

In case you’re looking for a bread pillow with even more neck support, you can also shop a u-shaped pillow that’s nearly identical to a croissant.

It’s available for $15.99 on Amazon:


Your carb-filled lounging session won’t be complete without a blanket, however. So, you’ll likely also want to get all warm and snuggly under this blanket that looks exactly like a tortilla.

This one comes with a fleece lining that will make you want to wrap up like a human burrito and never leave your tortilla shell. It’s available on Amazon for $21.97 to $29.97 depending on the size. Sizing ranges from 4 to 6 feet in diameter:


So, who’s ready to incorporate even more carbs into their cuddle sessions?

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