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Uvalde requests privacy as anniversary of school shooting approaches

Officials in Uvalde, Texas, are asking people who want to show support do so in their own hometowns to allow the city space to grieve.
Uvalde requests privacy as anniversary of school shooting approaches
Posted at 1:06 PM, May 16, 2023

Officials in Uvalde, Texas, are asking the public for space and privacy as the one-year mark since the shooting at Robb Elementary approaches.  

The request came in the form of an open letter signed by a number of city leaders, including the mayor, sheriff, district attorney and the interim superintendent of Uvalde’s school district. 

"As the one-year mark following the Robb Elementary School shooting approaches, our entire community of Uvalde, especially the families of the victims and survivors, continue to grieve, process the trauma, and search for paths forward. We ask for peace and privacy during what will be a very difficult time for many, especially our children," the letter said.  

Nineteen students and two staff members were killed in the shooting on May 24, 2022. 

Officials said in the letter that the past 11 months have been challenging and noted that Uvalde Together Resiliency Center and other local agencies continue to offer free emotional support and counseling.

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While people may feel compelled to show support for the Uvalde community, officials asked that they do so in their own neighborhoods. 

"We welcome and appreciate your thoughts and prayers and ask that if you feel compelled to support the residents of Uvalde, please host something in your hometown in our honor," said the letter.

"As a community, we respectfully request to be given the time, space, and privacy to remember those we lost, along with those who survived the mass shooting on May 24th. It is essential to the healing process for our community, and most importantly for our children to be given this time to grieve together privately," it continued. 

Authorities in Uvalde came under fire for their response to the school massacre last year, where nearly 400 officers responded to the scene but the gunman was not confronted and killed for an hour, allowing him to take 21 lives. 

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