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Viewer Spotlight: Where's the good news?

Scripps News viewers called into our hotline this week wondering where all of our heartfelt, inspirational and uplifting stories are, and asked if we can do more.
Scripps News Viewer Hotline
Posted at 12:26 PM, Jul 05, 2024

The Scripps News Toll-Free Viewer Hotline gives our audience a chance to weigh in on our coverage. The weekly Viewer Spotlight gives us the opportunity to reply to some of those concerns.

A few of you have been wondering lately, "Where's the good news?"

Take this call from Rhonda, who said, "The world is mean, the world's bad, but there's also some positivity that does occur, and I guess we just kind of have to find that light. So yeah, a moment of sunshine would be so welcoming."

There's also a comment left on our YouTube page asking, "Have you ever considered doing some news stories that aren't extremely negative? Not all news is bad news ..."

They aren't alone.

A 2024 survey from Reuters Institute and The University of Oxford shows 39% of respondents around the world say they sometimes or often avoid the news, up from 29% in 2017.

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Many say it's depressing, and they're tired of repeated stories like the wars in Ukraine and Gaza.

While we recognize the importance of both of those stories, we realize watching repeated news events with no immediate solutions can leave the audience feeling powerless.

That's why we also work to strike a balance, bringing you stories with positive outcomes, solutions and people making a difference.

Take this report from anchor Chris Stewart about a Stage 4 cancer survivor turned advocate: Pain to purpose — The story of a Stage 4 triple-negative breast cancer survivor

Or this one from correspondent Jamal Andress about a unique social club for dads focused on relationship-building and men's mental health: Daddy Stroller Social Club promotes fatherhood and brotherhood

Then there's "Good to Know," a program that airs every weekend morning here on Scripps News, entirely focused on positive stories from Scripps News storytellers across the country. The show, hosted by Alexa Liacko, "focuses on diversity, inclusion, kindness, inspiration and just plain fun," according to executive producer Liz Gold.

Still, your feedback makes us more conscious of the times when bad news outweighs the good. And reminds us of the importance of balance.

That's where you can continue to help. If you have a story idea or suggestions on ways we can incorporate more uplifting news into your day, or if you have any other concerns about our coverage, give us a call anytime at the toll-free Scripps News Viewer Hotline at 1-833-4-SCRIPPS.