August By The Number In SW Montana

Posted at 8:33 AM, Aug 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-23 10:33:29-04

Today’s Forecast:
After a couple of light drops early in the day, you should expect our skies to clear and daytime highs to climb back to near 80 degrees.  Wind will pick up for the afternoon out of the southwest between 10-20 mph.  Our wind will shift toward the evening with smoke continuing to filter into the area.

BOZEMAN: High – 80; Low – 49. Light rain early in the day as our skies clear.  Look for a stronger wind to pick up for the afternoon and evening with clear skies overnight.

BUTTE: High – 79; Low – 43. Mild but smoky with cloudless skies for the afternoon.  Highs will build to near 80 for the afternoon and will cool quickly overnight.

DILLON: High – 79; Low – 47. Plenty of sunshine with smoke filling the air.  Highs will climb quickly as the skies clear through the morning.

WEST YELLOWSTONE: High – 74; Low – 35. Clouds slowly clearing late in the day with mainly sunny skies for the afternoon.

Bozeman Yellowstone Airport had 15 days below average for daytime highs and 7 days above average.  Butte recorded 12 days above average with 9 days below for highs and one day at the average.  Rain has been lacking for nearly every reporting station in the state.  While the month has been dry overall, we are looking at more showers early next week.