Cool wet weather pattern arrives Wednesday

Posted at 1:45 PM, Sep 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 15:45:09-04

Plan on wet weather to impact most of Montana Wednesday into Thursday. Locally SW Montana could see a fair amount of rainfall and possibly a little mountain snow.

Total Possible Rainfall

City by City Forecast:

BOZEMAN: LOW: 44°; HIGH TUESDAY: 55°. Overnight look for increasing clouds and wind as a cold front drops in from the North. Showers and isolated thunderstorms will develop mostly Wednesday afternoon and evening.

BUTTE: LOW: 41°; HIGH TUESDAY:54°:  Jacket weather arrives overnight as a cold front digs down into SW Montana. Clouds and wind are likely to increase by morning and watch for mostly afternoon showers and isolated thunderstorms that could linger into Wednesday evening.

DILLON: LOW: 37°; HIGH TUESDAY: 60°. Quiet weather pattern for Dillon this afternoon and early evening. A cold front will hit Dillon Wednesday late morning and keep temperatures running cooler than normal Wednesday. There is a slight chance for a few showers and isolated thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon and evening.

WEST YELLOWSTONE: LOW: 30°; HIGH TUESDAY: 62°. A cool and pleasant later afternoon and evening for West Yellowstone. A cold front will hit late Wednesday morning producing increasing clouds, a few showers and gusty winds along with much cooler temperatures.