Extreme cold settling over Montana

Posted at 1:09 PM, Dec 21, 2022

BOZEMAN – Extreme winter weather will continue over Montana through Friday. The good news is most of the snow is ending. The bad news is extremely cold temperatures will persist through Friday morning.

The greatest weather threat for the next 2 nights will be extreme cold and dangerously cold wind chill or feels like temperatures.

For that reason the National Weather Service has issued a WIND CHILL WARNING for most of Montana through Thursday evening.

The combination of air temperatures –20 to –50 below zero and wind 10 to 30 mph will produce wind chills –50 to –60 below zero. This means frostbite and hypothermia can occur within 30 minutes.


Thursday morning will be the coldest temperature day for most of Montana and there is a chance for numerous new record lows for December 22nd.


Ironically the winter solstice began Wednesday afternoon at 2:48 pm and Thursday will be the first full day of winter and it could be one of the coldest days this winter season.

The snow that developed Wednesday morning is a very dry and powdery snow due to the extreme cold and is a travel hazard with areas of blowing and drifting snow to continue through Friday.