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Wildfire season underway in Northwest Montana

Fire danger
Posted at 8:24 AM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-27 10:24:12-04

KALISPELL - As hot and dry weather conditions continue this week in Northwest Montana, Flathead National Forest officials have moved fire danger levels to high.

“You know fires can start readily and easily from most causes, so that’s why we decided to move the fire danger rating up to high,” said Keith VanBroeke with the Flathead National Forest.

It’s fire season in Northwest Montana as dry grasses and needles are ready to ignite.

“You know the more help we can get from the public being careful out there and mining their fires and being careful is going to help us out,” added VanBroeke.

VanBroeke said three fires have already started this summer on Flathead National Forest land.

“You know one lightning and two were human starts, so I know the DNRC has had several lightning and human starts so we just ask the people to be really careful,” said VanBroeke.

He said the public can help by making sure campfires are dead out and not driving and parking on tall dry grass.

A Flathead National Forest social media post also notes that 90% of wildfires nationwide are human-caused and can be prevented.

“Because the more human starts we get along with the combinations of lightning starts, that puts a drain on all of our firefighting resources, from Glacier National Park, the forest service, the county and DNRC,” said VanBroeke.

He added that fire season normally runs through September and may even last into October.