Why we are seeing a cooler weather in Montana for the weekend

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Posted at 2:05 PM, May 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-25 16:05:22-04

Today's Forecast: Wednesday and Thursday will be warmer and relatively quiet. Temperatures will be near 70 for Wednesday afternoon and we will be pushing 80° for Thursday. A cold front will drop into the region Thursday night and early Friday bringing a significant amount of moisture. Most showers will begin overnight and could bring some hefty showers to the region including mountain snow showers.

BOZEMAN: High: 72; Low: 44. Mostly cloudy skies that will slowly clear for the afternoon.

BUTTE: High: 69; Low: 42. Clearing skies and mild temperatures for the region with few rain chances in store until Thursday night.

DILLON: High: 73; Low: 42. Comfortable and mild for the afternoon with mainly clear skies for the evening.

WEST YELLOWSTONE: High: 63; Low: 32. Mild and sunny for the afternoon as skies clear for the evening.

WHY TEMPERATURES WILL COOL FOR MEMORIAL DAY: We are looking at a significant shift in our weather pattern over the next couple of days. Heat is building in the southwestern United States and some of that heat will push back into Montana for the next couple of days.

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The jet stream is reaching across Montana for the end of the week. The jet stream is a dividing line between warmer air to the south and cooler air to the north. As we approach the weekend, the jet stream is going to take a dive to the south and allow that colder air to push back into the region brining with it a lot of moisture. That means we will pick up several chances of rain and mountain snow through early next week starting as early as Thursday night and early Friday morning.