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These Fluffy Zucchini Pancakes Taste Just Like A Slice Of Zucchini Bread

Posted at 12:13 PM, Jun 11, 2019

Did you know that zucchini is technically a fruit? From a botanical perspective, zucchiniis not a vegetable, even though most of us prepare it in savory vegetarian dishes.

Call it what you want, zucchini is delicious and good for you. Zucchinis are fat-free, nutrient-dense and filled with antioxidants. They can aid in digestion and blood circulation, support a heart-healthy diet, improve thyroid function and reduce inflammation in the body.

In other words, zucchinis are one of Mother Nature’s perfect creations, and you should be eating a lot more of them.

So, what better way to start the day than with these zucchini pancakes?

Zucchini pancakes taste exactly like a slice of your favorite zucchini bread, only better!

Ambitious Kitchen

Fluffy, flavorful and made with whole wheat, these flapjacks won’t come with a side of guilt.

Make a batch for a weekend morning meal or make them on Sunday night to store in the fridge for easy weekday breakfasts throughout the week.

To prepare these pancakes, you will need a cup of shredded zucchini, squeezed in a paper towel to remove extra moisture. Instead of butter, coconut oil is used, and maple syrup or honey is subbed for white sugar.

Since these hotcakes use unsweetened almond milk instead of buttermilk or other dairy milk, if you sub in a flax eggfor the single egg used, this can easily be turned into a vegan pancake recipe.

Find the full recipe on Ambitious Kitchen.

Or try this recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod. These zucchini pancakes are a bit more decadent, as they are made with butter, white sugar, brown sugar and buttermilk. The whole wheat flour can be subbed for white flour if desired.

Two Peas and Their Pod

Hey, when zucchinis are this healthy, you don’t have to feel guilty making these tasty substitutions!

You can make these zucchini pancakes ahead of time and freeze them for up to two months, taking them out and microwaving them for 30-60 seconds or so until they are heated throughout.

Serve with butter, maple syrup, fresh whipped cream, honey … or all of the above!

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