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Park County suspect who escaped custody last year sentenced

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Posted at 7:37 PM, May 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-18 18:00:27-04

Jordon Earl Linde, the Livingston man who escaped a hospital and fled with a handgun and van in July of 2021, was sentenced at Park County District Court, on Monday, May 16, 2022.

Linde was initially arrested for possession of opiates, drug paraphernalia and intent to distribute charges. When brought to Livingston Healthcare for evaluation, Linde escaped custody and fled. He faced several different cases and counts against him. These counts included burglary, theft, robbery, escape, and assault with a weapon.

Linde was sentenced to 59 years with 44 years suspended—the counts which carried the most time were Count 4: Robbery and Count 5: Escape, both of which carried 20 year sentences. The other cases and sentences involving Linde were to be applied concurrently with the first heard case.

Prior to Linde’s sentencing a victim impact statement was heard; the media was excused during this time. Upon return, statements from both the County Attorney and Linde’s Attorney were made, and then Jordon Linde read his prepared statement.

“I am so disappointed with myself, for the way I must have made everyone involved feel and the problems that I have caused,” Linde said. “I am so sorry for everything—I would never want to hurt anyone.”

WATCH: Jordon Earl Linde reads statement at sentencing trial

Jordon Earl Linde reads statement at sentencing

Linde goes onto speak of his past, serving our country in the Army, and how his injuries led him to drugs, and later addiction.

“Your honor, I sincerely apologize for my actions, I am very sorry for the harm I caused anyone affected by my crimes,” Linde said.

District Court Judge Brenda Gilbert presided over the sentencing and included recommendations of programming and rehabilitation for Linde, upon the recommendation of the Department of Corrections.

“The sentences that I’ve imposed for you, I have considered the harm caused by your actions, but I’ve also considered providing you with opportunities for rehabilitation and treatment,” Gilbert said. “It’s now up to you to take the opportunities that will be presented to you to make your life different from here on out.”