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Butte celebrates Independence Day with a bang and a parade

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Posted at 5:08 PM, Jul 04, 2022

BUTTE - When it comes to the 4th of July, no one does it quite like Butte America. From last night's spectacular fireworks show to today's parade the Mining City pulls out all the stops for Independence Day.

The sky above Big Butte was ablaze with booming colors as Butte ushered in the holiday on Sunday night.

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When it comes to the 4th of July, no one does it quite like Butte America.

On Monday morning, Harrison Avenue was a three-mile birthday celebration for America as nearly 100 parade floats made their way from the Civic Center toward Elizabeth Warren Avenue.

"Super exciting," said Becca Richtman, Montana Tech 4-time cross-country national Champion. "This is my first time walking the parade. Last year we ran through it but this is a more special experience for me for sure."

"We're super excited," exclaimed Tracy Miller. "This is our third year in a row I think being here for the parade. It's an annual event for us. We get more people more kids more families. This is probably our favorite event of the year."

It's a Party in the USA. And at this party, everyone was invited, from university chancellors to dancing firemen to ragtime musicians.

This melting pot of a procession put Butte's ability to rally for a good cause on full display.

And no one knows about Butte's generosity than the men and women of 15-90 Search and Rescue who recently received a mill levy to help update their equipment.

"Well you know Butte's just a wonderful town," said Frank Crosby, a member of 15-90 Search and Rescue. "Great community and stuff like that. The people stand together."

Headlining the parade as Grand Marshal was Meg Murphy, who recently retired after a 40-year coaching career at Butte Central.

"I said I didn't think I was ready to be a grand marshal because I still feel like I'm that little kid standing on the street watching, hoping I could be on a float one day," said Murphy. "You know for the committee to select me out of how many people live in Butte is quite an honor. I'm just happy to be here, the sun's out, it's a great day.