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Fire in Bozeman described as a "Complete Loss"

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Posted at 3:54 PM, Jan 22, 2023

"It was a complete loss" is how a structure fire was described by hylite fire department assistant chief Chris Dahlhauser.

Three people in a mobile home were able to get out of the house safely Sunday morning. It is unknown what caused the fire, and the investigation is on going.

At 5:45 Sunday morning, Hyalite Fire Department was dispatched to a residential structure fire on 19th and Oak in Bozeman. Dahlhauser said that Bozeman Police Department were on scene first and were ablet to provide updates while the team was enroute to the mobile home.

A total of 32 firefighters and AMR were present at the fire, and after two hours the fire was under control. Throughout Sunday afternoon and night, firefighters will monitor the home to ensure that the fire is no longer active, Dahlhauser said.

"The take away piece of this is to remind everybody that they need to make sure they install and have smoke detectors in their house for early detection and early warning so they can get out of the house," Dahlhauser said.

Dahlhauser also notes that the mobile home did have smoke detectors.

Dahlhauser goes onto say that this was a multi-team effort across the Gallatin Valley, involving Bozeman Fire, Central Valley Fire, Fort Ellis Fire, and Gallatin Gateway Fire Department. Bozeman Police Department and the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office were also on scene Sunday morning.