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Livingston tattoo shop owner finds way to give back to her community in a unique and permanent way

Posted at 8:49 AM, Jun 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-24 14:52:56-04

LIVINGSTON - “It was standing room only and people were sitting on the floors, and sitting on chairs and standing outside and it was very busy,” says Blue Rider Tattoo Company owner, Tanya Saueressig.

Saueressig is reflecting on an event held earlier this week, where she found a way to give back to her community after the floods affected her community.

“We did a big fundraiser for the Stafford Animal Shelter that just recently got flooded,” says Saueressig.

A way to give back to their community during a time of need.

“All three of us just tattooed like crazy - (there were) people for 6 hours,” says Saueressig.

“We wanted to do something to help the animals over there and all the people that are working there. That was really overwhelming to see so many people wanting to help,” says Saueressig.

The event offered Saueressig a chance to use her art to raise money for the shelter.

“What can I do? And the only thing I know I can do is art and I can tattoo and how can I take that thing and apply it to what just happened,” says Saueressig.

An added benefit beyond helping our furry friends who also need help following the floods was a chance to help pet owners memorialize their pets.

“A lot of these (tattoos) are for pets that they have or pets that they may still want to get,” says Saueressig.

After 6 hours of non-stop needling, it turned out to be a big success and it won't be the last time she says.

“We raised 2,200 dollars,” says Saueressig “We want to do it again possibly September, and have more time to plan.”