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Traveling animal eye specialist comes to Bozeman

Ophthalmologist from Idaho travels to Montana becoming the only practicing animal eye specialist in the state
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Posted at 7:49 PM, Dec 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-15 21:49:22-05

BOZEMAN — For only a short amount of time, Alpenglow Animal Hospital has a special guest who traveled from Idaho to help with care for your pet's eyes.

“It's a good service for us cross breeders that we don't have to travel to another state,” says Katja Bethnas.

Katja Bethnas is a dog breeder. For her, having a traveling eye specialist come to Bozeman makes her life easier. Ophthalmologist, Carrie Breaux, travels from Boise to Bozeman because of her love for the town, and the need for help.

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“It's fun for me to get outside of regular work. It's like a field trip,” says Dr. Breaux, “The people here don't always have access, and so I feel like I have potential to help them out a lot.”

Dr. Breaux sees up to 40 animals a day, including this cat with a sore on its eye. She treats a variety of eye problems including injuries, genetic issues, and surgical problems.

Traveling animal eye specialist comes to Bozeman

“Eyes are so important for quality of life for animals and their owners,” says Dr. Breaux.

Dr. Breaux is only here for a couple of days, but comes to Bozeman a few times a year. For Bethnas, she’s glad she has access to the only Ophthalmologist currently practicing in Montana.

“When she comes here it’s always nice,” says Bethnas.