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TV show features Williams Plumbing of Montana

American Plumber Stories features Williams Plumbing in their latest season
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Posted at 10:43 AM, Nov 07, 2022

The Montana company, Williams Plumbing is featured in the show American Plumber Stories to share what they do on a daily basis and show off their new facility that is still under construction. Williams Plumbing was passed down to the President and CEO Quin Williams, by his father.

“My father founded the business 40 years ago, and so part of the episodes kind of about the transition into the new generation,” says Williams.

Williams says the production company reached out to him months ago about doing the show, but it seemed almost too good to be true.

“First I thought it was like you know too good to be true, kind of like a scam," says Williams, "Like I kind of ignored it because I didn't believe it, and then my marketing guy reached out to me is like, hey, this thing's real.”

The film crew followed them throughout their daily work activities for a few days including touring the new facility.

“They have a project they're working on, I guess it's called the One and Only," says Executive producer, Spencer Brown, "It’s a huge lodge, We want to show the beauty that you can go on job sites and see mountains and streams and just the quality of life of the job.”

To become a plumber in Montana, one must prove a specific record of five years and 7,500 aggregate hours of experience in the field of plumbing. There are 469,900 plumbers nationwide, and in Montana, there are 1,650 plumbers. American Plumber Stories takes you through that experience and educates viewers on what the trade industry is all about.

“The main goal is getting the next generation into the trade, there's a lack of or shortage of labor,” says Brown.

Williams hopes this show will help recruit new employees interested in learning the trade.

“This national outreach, especially with how awesome the area is, Bozeman is a great place to live, from a recruiting standpoint, you know, get people excited about the area and about our company,” says Williams.

The publicity for Williams Plumbing doesn't stop at the TV show.

“We're going from an interview, to a podcast, and then Dennis Quaid's executive assistant reached out because he's doing something like dirty jobs. So it's like, spiraling out of control,” says Williams.

You can watch American Plumber Stories on their Youtube Channel. Williams Plumbing is featured in season 3, episode 2.