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High School student starts online newspaper for Spanish speaking community in Southwest Montana

Posted at 11:54 AM, Mar 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-10 13:54:38-05

BIG SKY - An idea that started in 11th grade, blossomed into an online newspaper for the Spanish community of Southwest Montana.

“ I always told my mom, “Mami, I want to change the world,’ and what better way to change the world than starting where you are,” says Lissy Samantha Suazo, Creator of Notcias Montaña.

A goal to change the world is what sparked the idea to begin Noticias Montaña. An online newspaper aimed at the Spanish-speaking community of Southwest Montana.

“This publication started about 2 years ago,” says Suazo.

Bridging the language barrier for a small community all while fulfilling a dream.

To make a change in my community, has always been my dream, and so I think that it has been an avenue for me to pursue through Noticias Montaña,” says Suazo.

Having moved from Honduras in 2015.

“I came here without knowing the language so since I can remember starting to speak English. I’ve been immersed in that community,” says Suazo.

Diving into her community as it grows rapidly in Montana. Providing them reports on school and health issues, and matters affecting the Spanish-speaking and immigrant community of Big Sky and Gallatin County.

“I’ve seen this community grow,” Says Suazo.

Sharing the experience of most kids of immigrant parents.

“I’ve served as a translator of the community, I’ve served as a person who does the paperwork,” says Suazo.

Mom says seeing the impact her daughter is having on the community

“Estamos orgullosos de nuestra hija,de que ella puede dar un poqito anque sea un granito para la comunidad Hispana,” says Suazo’s Maribel Vazquez “We’re so proud of our daughter that she can give a little, even if it’s a small grain to the Hispanic Community.”

Navigating the unknown towards the el Sueño Americano or the American Dream.

“There is nothing to be scared about, um, I remember coming into this people always told me ‘no tienes miedo’ aren’t you scared,” says Suazo.

Now as a senior in High school ready to embark on her journey her focus it to keep the outlet for community going.

“Trying to find a home for Notcias Montaña so that it can keep going beyond me,” says Suazo.

Feliz Mes del la Mujer happy International Women’s Month for those interested in reading Noticias Montaña a link to the website is below.